Event Horizon

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World’s First Self-Replicating 3D Printer Is Assembled in Only 30 Minutes

all it needs to do is make a robot arm to assemble it and we have the end of the world, folks. we will be a world of printers making other printers

no! the end of capitalism!


this song plays in the background of my worldstar debut

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Hoodrat little shits don’t understand what this 15 pound toy machine would feel like in the face…probably worse than a knife tbh



How long is too long to exact revenge on some kids who beat your ass in your neighborhood?

there is no limit

get a camera crew and beat the shit out of them in front of their parents

piss on them

I was thinking of finding whoever has my bike and putting the trucks to the dome

How long is too long to exact revenge on some kids who beat your ass in your neighborhood?

  • Store clerk: *Follows me around the store*
  • Me: Can you please stop, Im New Black
  • Store clerk: I'm sorry sir, I didn't know. How may I help you this fine evening?


phosphenevision said: 

I just notice that a lot of the photos you post have that 90’s disposable camera vibe I didn’t know if it was intentional or what.

that’s pretty cool, i think i subconsciously go for that in a lot of my photos because the first pictures i ever took were on disposables and it makes me nostalgic in a weird way

Tru, I do the same but I go for the over-warm shots and fairly slow shutter speed (at least on photos that I’m keeping for personal memory)






at this point collecting vinyl when ur not a producer seems to be more a of mastubatory thing than anything else

Why, cant you collect vinyl to listen and enjoy? I’m not following your logic here

because digital does the same thing, takes up less physical space and doesnt lose monetary value the more times u listen to it

some people like to collect dirk. and it’s said that there’s a different, more pure sound you get on vinyl.

collect venereal diseases then, at least that shit is free. and different and pure dont mean high quality like yeah u know what would sound good in the middle of my favorite song a nice fat popping noise

I don’t what shit ass vinyl/turntable you have experience with but I have literally never encountered that in my life and I regularly listen to 40+ yr old vinyl


I’m drunk at Easter Sunday mass. This is so disrespectful

that’s jesus’s foot and your face