Event Horizon

step// inside

liltropicalboy diiiisssssssss

The longer you wait, the less theyll be expecting it. Wig twistin before they even know what hit em.

I’m not sure what “wig twistin” means but it occurred to me that they most definitely forgot all about that shit, but I didn’t. Fire smoldering heating me the fuck up

phosphenevision asks: since that last person has no fortitude, why do you care what people want to play? like maybe people don't want a digital copy of an album maybe they don't like carrying around 17 pieces of technology to listen to it...if you wanted to you could listen to a record without electricity you could make yourself a goddam turntable/amplification system out of paper & plastic (it's been done) You can't say the same for digitized and sampled music.


a used ipod nano is like $50 and you can listen to that ANYWHERE as opposed to having big round discs that u can only listen to if u have the apparatus to play it in

and data cant get damaged as easily as a physical record like the cons heavily outweigh the pros

I can see what you’re getting at here Dirk. There are a lot of cons to using digital formats too, corruption, loss of quality (in compressed formats like most files that kids use are), no physical item (less of a sense of value), it’s not worth any money once you buy it (so that $5-$10 only bought you 1’s and 0’s on a computer) You get things like a physical piece of artwork with your records, liner notes. In no way are records more convenient or “better” but neither are digital copies, they’re just more versatile. People still use reel to reel tape when recording some of these things…if digital is truly superior then they would just write and record everything on the computer without even picking up an instrument. There’s viable reasons I can see people wanting a vinyl over a digital copy (plus I haven’t bought a record one single time that didn’t come with a digital download code)

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World’s First Self-Replicating 3D Printer Is Assembled in Only 30 Minutes

all it needs to do is make a robot arm to assemble it and we have the end of the world, folks. we will be a world of printers making other printers

no! the end of capitalism!


this song plays in the background of my worldstar debut

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Hoodrat little shits don’t understand what this 15 pound toy machine would feel like in the face…probably worse than a knife tbh



How long is too long to exact revenge on some kids who beat your ass in your neighborhood?

there is no limit

get a camera crew and beat the shit out of them in front of their parents

piss on them

I was thinking of finding whoever has my bike and putting the trucks to the dome

How long is too long to exact revenge on some kids who beat your ass in your neighborhood?